Hi, I'm Avdhesh.
I Do Voice-overs.

❛❛ Voice over isn't just about speaking words, it's about breathing life into stories, painting emotions with sound, and giving depth to the silent canvas of visuals. ❜❜

About Me

Hey there, I’m Avdhesh Tondak. I specialize in voice overs, bringing a clear, warm, and friendly tone to every project I work on. Trained by Vijay Deepak Chhibber, who’s a veteran in the industry, I’ve got over 19 years of experience recording eLearning modules, audiobooks, narrations, YouTube explainer videos, and documentaries. With a background as a radio jockey at AIR FM Gold, I’ve developed my skills as a voice actor, helping producers, creative directors, and content creators effectively convey their message in both Hindi and Indian English.

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English Voiceover Showcase

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Save the Children

Oriental Insurance


National Geographic

Nat Geo Wild


Fox History

Fox Traveler




LIC India

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